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The organization has highly qualified manpower and specialized infrastructure that can overcome large business magnitude across West Africa Region and beyond. The group is well capitalized and is a privately held business enterprise.
No of Subsidiaries


To enhance the value of our shareholders by being a world class operating group earning international respect for being innovative and dedicated to quality and integrity.”

SkyJet built a brand-new modern office complex and passenger terminal


Barbedos Oil & Gas Services Ltd is a subsidiary of Barbedos group of company, which is duly registered under the law of the federal republic of Nigeria on July 9th 2000. The company deals with export of crude oil allocated to it byPipeline and Product Marketing Company (PPMC). Barbedos Oil and Gas Limited also purchase and Sell fuel cargoes through contracts.

Barbedos Car Limited is an authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge cars in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Specializing in the sale and after-sales service for all brands of cars. We are actively involved in the sales and services of other security vehicles.

SkyJet is fully licensed, insured, and approved by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. The company has a current Aircraft Operating Certificate (AOC) from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and an Aircraft Maintenance Organization Certificate (AMO) NCAA and San Marino.

At Barbedos fertilizer and blending plant we supply & produce Agro-allied produce for agricultural industry. Over the the last 30 years years the we has evolved from being a trading company to a group of companies that covers manufacturing, commodities trading, logistics, storage and warehousing, and agro inputs in the agricultural sector.

Our Businesses

Oil & Gas

Barbedos Oil & Gas Our Vision is to become a dominant Player in the Global Oil distribution Platform utilizing World- Class trading and resource Patterns


Fertilizer and blending plant we supply & produce Agro-allied produce for agricultural industry.


At Skyjet Aviation our expertly-trained and experienced crew are committed to the highest safety standards and dedicated to unmatched customer service.


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We offer Sales of all leading automobile brands with specialization in Mercedes Benz.

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Our outstanding reputation for reliability is built on the principles of quality.

Our broad portfolio of well established good quality products geared towards customer satisfaction being a leading company.

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The organization has highly qualified manpower and specialized infrastructure.


Our Core Values

  • Quality product
  • services
  • professionalism
  • passion for excellence
  • customer focused
  • Team work
  • Innovation
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility

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